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Apr 28, 2013 2:00pm EDT
that president obama used to talk about overuse. in a speech he gave to congress in his first term, he mentioned it, that we need to curtail overuse. but i don't hear president obama talking about overuse anymore as a factor in reducing medicare spending. so once again it's going to be informed members of the public who will have to put it back on the agenda. citizens will have to be the ones to correct the misallocation of resources because it will not self-correct. while preparing for talk, i was thinking about what are some of the solutions, and i was in princeton, new jersey, a couple of weeks ago walking along nassau street, and there was a bookstore. and there was a quote in that book store about how democracy -- to fix our democracy, we need more democracy. we need more informed citizens who are aware of what's going on to serve as a countervailing influence, a check and balance in the system. i think the biggest challenge we face is that health care companies whose primary duty is to shareholders, they have to demonstrate increased revenue and profitability. they have to do that as a con
Apr 28, 2013 3:00pm EDT
talked about the decision, should be do health care or not? and obama'sed a sliders saying do not do health care. what the public wants is you to focus on the economy. unemployment is 10%. that's where you need put your efforts. don't want you being diverted. and what essentially persuaded obama for him to decide i'm doing health care anywhere was his legacy, providing for greatness, he needed health care, a goal that eluded presidents for a century. so, two members of his coalition presidency spent their terms locking horns they wouldn't be able to have the kind of achievements, establish the kind of record that would have important legacy for the ages. so, that's why i think it would work out. it's not only my fairly educate guess but we have other support. switzerland i like to use as an example. does it work anywhere else? in switzerland they're executive branch they call a federal council, hat seven department heads, and they possess equal decisionmaking authority. there's no first among equals. they really are truly equals. they rotate through the presidency for one year term a
May 4, 2013 8:00am EDT
ideas. not talking about the tea party. talking about liberals. so the of the week obama's at the debt is not a problem. for 10 years we don't have to worry about debt. not just that, deficit spending close become. i read almost everything again online and there are furious people in mainstream publications who sat there and argued during the debt ceiling debate that we should have a trillion dollar platinum coin, deposited in the treasury and wash her hands of this. these are serious people and they called the tea party crazy. safi like the whole world is spinning out of control and i'm the only normal person in it, with you guys, and everyone has just gone crazy. think about obama and budgets and everything we talk about. his budget is a huge massive zero-sum fallacy masquerading as policy. it's not a budget like you think of a budget. it's not about economic growth. it's about fairness. he doesn't care about growth. he looks at the world as a piper come sure most of you read milton friedman and you have ridiculous that is. which brings the to the scares prospect of all. what does th
May 4, 2013 1:00pm EDT
that in the book. i feel as if barack obama is in a position where, whenever he talks about race, his unfavorable ratings with white voters go up precipitously. and we saw that when henry lou guess gates, the noted professor at harvard got arrested inside his team when neighbors thought they saw burglars. he talked about it during a press conference and his unfavorable rate went up with white voters and in a sense he was pressured to find another way to talk about that issue, and of course we remember the infamous beer comment. the same thing happened when he talked about trayvon martin. he said this young teen, trayvon martin, unarmed black teen, killed in a subdivision by a neighborhood watch volunteer, he said if i had a son he would look like trayvon, and that helped ignite a conservative backlash to that situation simply because the president spoke in terms that could be related to race. i think he has quite rightly sort of intuited they're not a lot of upside to him talking about race when hi is president and there's a lot of down side for democrats and himself, and is a say in the book i c
Apr 27, 2013 3:45pm EDT
. >> the white house correspondence dipper, president obama, and late night talk show hosts headline the event before celebrities, journalists, and the white house press corp.. it starts with the red carpet arrivals live today at 6:15 eastern on c-span. >> gary schapiro outlines strategies used to strive in today's economy now on booktv. >> thank you, rick, i appreciate the introduction, and thanks to all of you who give up your time to be here, and listen, and i hope this will be interactive after awhile. the map is i speak a little bit, and then we have some interaction and questions. i spoken of many, many groups around the country and around the world about the issues, and every group is different with different interests. a little bit more about my background. i do head a trade association. it's a non-profit organization of over 2,000 technology companies, everyone you expect from microsoft to sny, best buy to target to companies like google and yahoo. companies at the cutting edge, and i have been in the position for over 20 years and i started out as a lawsuit in washington, d.c., actua
Apr 28, 2013 1:35pm EDT
, for me, was so powerful during the election was the time when obama actually had to come out and talk explicitly about race. because one of the things -- >> he did it here if philadelphia. >> he did it right here in philadelphia. one of the ironies, there's so many ironies in our contemporary political moment, but one of the most powerful ones is the first black president is the one who can talk the least about race. it's the third, fourth and fifth rail for that -- i mean, there's something about race that he knows he can't discuss, and part of what he tried to do in that moment at least was to say let me say something th think is going to bring people together that's forward thinking, and then hopefully i'll never have to bring it up again. and there's something about that, i think, in some ways that is quintessential paranoia. the idea is americans are so fatigued about race, they're so resistant to thinking about racial inclusion that to even bring up the idea of race too often means folks are going to disqualify you from the highest office in the land. you're not going to be a pr
May 4, 2013 7:00pm EDT
could potentially work with is not a great example , but to talk more. president obama mentioned there are now 100 high-tech firms on the west bank. i interviewed this israeli venture capitalist. cisco has invested in them. it is an area of the economy that can and should grow. what is the answer in terms of u.s. policy? first of all i think we have to scale back we're trying to do. i mentioned corruption and no a specifically name the karzai government that has been a huge impedimenta things we try to achieve. hopefully it will be one of his brothers. we don't -- you know, if we don't feel that we have a local partner i think we should hold back in our aid efforts. one thing that we can do is create more incentives like its european union system that was used in turkey. two years ago the secretary clinton used the term economic statecraft. any of you heard that all? this is journalists fall. we don't write about these things. she declared in 2011 in a speech in new york that economic tradecraft was now at the heart of american foreign policy. she defined economic statecraft as c
May 4, 2013 1:30pm EDT
the adjustment. when the israelis complain about obama it is because he didn't understand anything. they thought he was a muslim because of his name and do was like a preconceived notion and i am talking from experience, i have a best friend who hates obama. she hated him, could never say a nice thing about him and the last visit called to say -- i have heard many is released tell me that. a lot more than the 18% that you know about. my family members, always complaining about obama, not any more. this really made a huge difference. >> that is the interesting thing. people were showing that the speech he made before in egypt he was apologizi% obama, by say he excused themselves to go to his family dinner and left benjamin netanyahu sitting there. >> it is amazing that the leaders of two great nations, were detailed and effective as great diplomats or politicians they could not get over that so pretend -- pretty right wing and obama is pretty left wing and to get two americans together to realize that -- who was it that was quoted as saying -- he was very difficult to deal with. it was a british
Apr 28, 2013 6:30am EDT
about obama it's because they really didn't understand a thing. they thought that he was a muslim because of his name, and it was like a preconceived notion of talking from expense because i live in israel part of the time. i have a best friend who hates obama. she hated him. she could never say a nice thing about him. and as of the last visit, she called to say i was 100% wrong. and i have heard many israelis tell me that, a lot more than the 18% that you know about. people from all over. my family members, everybody was always complain about obama. not anymore. that last visit really made a huge difference. [applause] >> what's the interesting thing is that -- oh, yes. people were saying that the speech he made before in egypt, he was apologizing for america. in fact, speaking to that audience which was made up i as a mostly of arabs and mostly muslims, he began this speech, obama this is, by same -- saying america's reliance with israel is ironclad which is very brave i think in front of a few thousand arabs and muslims. >> how can you reconcile the fact that obama is strictly
Apr 27, 2013 8:00am EDT
beat president obama on the issue of government spending. just don't talk about medicare, and don't talk about social security. but you can talk about government spending. many republicans would then add to that don't talk about national defense, the pentagon budget should also be off limits. the problem with that thinng is you have now exempted the three largest parts of the federal budget from your critique of federal spending. so so these are sort of the divisions and the conflicts and the contradictions that i think any serious proponent of limited government has to contend with. i think there's been a sort of this view that's been propounded that limited government is impossible. anarchists even make this argument, and i would argue -- i would counter to you that limited government is possible but difficult. the fact that there has been limited government in the united states government was a fairly limited government for 150 years even after the progressive era, even after the civil war where there was some government growth, and there were some impediments to government gro
Apr 27, 2013 9:00am EDT
talks about her book, "chasing gideon," with jenna green of the national law journal. we conclude tonight's prime time programming at 11 p.m. eastern with david around sannie. in his book, "obama's four horsemen," he presents his criticism of the obama administration. visit for more on this weekend's television schedule. >> you're watching booktv. coming up next, douglas rush rushkoff. he looks at how our society is reacting to this new world reflected by the rise of the tea party, occupy wall street and zombie apocalypse fiction. this is just over an hour. [applause] >> you're all welcome to sit in the front here, too, if you're floor people. >> well, first of all, thank you, everybody, for coming tonight to celebrate the launch of doug's latest book, "present shock." um, i think doug has been giving lots of talks about the book that i've seen just in the last few days, and so to start us off i think we just are going to get to it. briefly just to contextualize, doug and i have known each other for a few years. i helped him do the research on "present shock," and he's
Apr 27, 2013 11:00pm EDT
for different reasons but believe better not eidenshink any policy obama has implemented is the big problem either but there's something much greater the thing that scares me the most is the bombing has mainstream radical thinking people believe crazy ideas most of them were talking about liberals that the two-party yesterweek he said that's not a problem in 10 years. plus deficit spending grows the economy. them more that the better the economy will be. i read almost everything i can online and there are people in mainstream publications who sat there and argued during the debt ceiling debate we should have $1 trillion point* to deposit in the treasury and wash our hands these are serious people and they call the two-party crazies' wife feel the whole world is spinning out of control and i am the only normal person with you and everybody has gone crazy. think about obama and the budget it is a huge massive fallacy masquerading as policy it is not what you think about economic growth is vernets he doesn't care about growth. i am sure you have read milton friedman which brings me to this ser
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12